Очередной спам на тему Сирии.

Учим английский со спамщиками и мошенниками.

Greetings From Syria,
Hope this emails finds you in good health. Please permit me to introduce myself as General John Adams, I am a United States Army Officer, currently stationed in Syria on peace-keeping against the war going on in the middle east.I want to be your friend as i am sinlge Add me (generaljohnadams1@yahoo.com)

It’s very hard for me to tell you this but I do not have a choice now. I am just hoping you can keep secrets.Please, read the next paragraph carefully and comment.

About ten days after I arrived here, I was attached to a special tactical unit as a command relay engineer for an operation which busted a Taliban bunker and the troop that went for that operation looted the bunker before setting it on fire. They recovered over 150 million US dollars of the Taliban funding. The commander agreed with the rest of the troops not to return the money to the authorities. They split the money among themselves and in other to have me keep my mouth shut; they gave me 15 million dollars which I rapped up among my clothing and have been hiding it since then. I knew it would never be possible for me to leave the base with the money myself as they have all kinds of security laser scans.

Right now as I am about to leave Syria , I arranged with that security courier company who brings medical supplies in and out of the base from the US to the RED CROSS without security checks to deliver it to you as my personal effects. The box I mailed to you contains 15 million dollars carefully wrapped up in my clothing and paintings in a luggage sealed and stamped in your name as the receiver.

There is no other way I could have been able to bring it out from Syria . I cannot bring it with me because I will be searched and scanned before I leave the base. There is no risk involved at all because the courier company is reliable and will deliver it to you safely without knowing what is contained underneath my clothes. I would also like for you to honestly and fairly tell me how much of the money you would like to have as compensation for the receipt. This is not stealing because the money is better in our hands than being used for guns and suicide bombers. We can give a substantial amount to charity to clear our conscience. Please, be honest with me on this and do not disclose this information to anybody else until the delivery is made.

I have few hours to be here so I am going too wait till we are able to talk before leaving the base.

I only require your

1) Home Address
2) Full Name
3) Telephone Number
4] Your email Address

Thanks and remain bless
General John Adams

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По катом - все мои уроки английского с названиями и ссылками. Остальное - по тегу english .
Вот не могу понять. Может, надеются через paypal, который к мейлу приложен, снять?
15 миллионов - мелочь в сравнении с моим клиентом:

В Казахстане Мухтар Аблязов обвиняется в хищении шести миллиардов долларов из БТА Банка, которым руководил до февраля 2009 года.
Счастливая ты! Тебе генералы пишут, деньги предлагают... )))
15 лимонов спрятал в одежде. До фига у него одежды.
Я раза два спрашивала у таких товарищей: как ты умудрился дослужиться до ... (в этом случае до генерала, господи прости) американской армии с таким знанием английского? К тебе переводчика приставили на все время службы?
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